Department of Financial Economics: Seminar Schedule Winter/Spring 2002
Day Date Hour Speaker Affiliation Title
Wed Jan 1 6 10:00 Avner Kalay U. Tel Aviv The Information Content of the Demand and Supply Schedules of Stocks
Wed Feb 6 10:00 Kent Womack Tuck School of Mgmt,. Darthmouth College Strategic IPO Underpricing, Information Momentum, and Lockup Expiration
Wed Feb 27 10:00 Jean-Charles Rochet U. Toulouse
Wed Mar 6 10:00 Tore Leite NHH Debt and Equity under Costly State Verification
Wed Mar 13 10:00 Bruno Gerard BI International Portfolio Diversification: Industrial Structure, Country and Currency Effects Revisited
Wed Mar 20 10:00 Alessandro Sbuelz CentER, U. Tilburg Asset Pricing with time-varying pessimism
Wed Mar 27 Easter Break
Wed  Apr 3 10:00 David Blake Birckbeck Coll., U. London  Pensionmetrics: Stochastic Pension Plan Design
Wed Apr 10 10:00 Paolo Fulghieri INSEAD  The Ownership and Financing of Innovation in R&D Races
Wed Apr 17 10:00

Utpal Bhattacharya

Kelley Sch. of Buss., U. Indiana 

Costless versus Costly Signalling: Theory and Evidence from Share  Repurchases

Wed  Apr 24 10:00 Steven Ongena CentER, U. Tilburg  Distance, Lending Relationships, and Competition
Wed May 1 Holiday
Wed May 8 10:00 Oren Sussman Said Business School, U. Oxford Projects are Largely External and Mostly Debt Financed: A New Approach to Testing Capital Structure
Wed May 15 10:00 Thomas Hellman GSB, U. Stanford  Banks in Venture Capital
Wed May 22 10:00 Pierre Mella-Barral LBS Repeated Diluation of Diffusely Held Debt
Fri May 24 10:00 Qinglei Dai BI To What Extent will the Banking Industry be Globalized? A Study of Bank Nationality and Reach in 20 European Nations
Wed May 29 10:00 Paolo Vitale LSE  Foreign Exchange Intervention: How to Signal Policy Objectives and Stabilize the Economy
Wed June 5 10:00 Pete Kyle Fuqua Sch. of Buss., U. Duke Continuous trading with heterogenous beliefs and no noise trading
Wed June 12 10:00 Lars Svensson Princeton Inflation targeting: Should it be modeled as an instrument rule or a targeting rule?
Fri June 14 10:00 Richard Priestley  BI Keeping, not catching, up with the Jones: An international asset pricing model