Dept of Business Economics - Seminar Series '95-'96

Sally Aisbitt, U of Teesside, 15.02.96
"Does size matter? Research issues associated with the audit of small compagnies"

Mimi Alciatore, London School of Economics, 12.06.96
Financial accounting

Paul Bahnson, BI-Norwegian School of Management and U of Montana, 31.08.95
"Nonarticulation in cash flow statements. Implications for research and practice"

Tom Bernhardsen, Bank of Norway, 23.11.95
"Currency devaluation and expectations"

Hilde Christian Bjornland, Statistics Norway, 11.04.96
"The dynamic effects of aggregate demand, supply and oil price shocks"

Ken Burdett, U of Essex, 21.09.96
"Marriage and class"

Katherine Campbell, BI-Norwegian School of Management and U of Washington, 23.10.95
"Environmental performance and executive compensation"

Sheetal Chand, International Monetary Fund, 30.05.96
"A theory of inflation and some empirical results"

Robert Clark, BI-Norwegian School of Management and U of Vermont, 11.01.96
"Emerging securities markets"

Sonja Daltung, Central Bank of Sweden, 06.11.95
"The optimal size of a bank: costs and benefits of diversification"

Paul de Grauwe, K.U.Leuven, 30.01.96
"The economics of convergence towards a monetary union in Europe"

Steven Gjerstad, U of Arizona, 21.02.96
"Multiple equilibria in exchange economies with homothetic, nearly identical preferences"
Marvin Goodfriend, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, 19.01.96
"A framework for the analysis of moderate inflations"

Erik Grønn, BI-Norwegian School of Management, 21.03.96
"Sex: sex, men and the single woman - a game theoretical approach"

Christian Harm, NYU, 23.02.96
"Investments, liquidity, and bank lending in Germany"

Arne Jon Isachsen, BI-Norwegian School of Management, 16.11.95
"The state oil fund: issues and challenges"

Poul Israelsen, Southern Denmark Business School, 29.09.95
"ABC and Variablility Accounting:  Differences and Potential Benefits of Integration"

Margaret Lamb, U of Warwick, 29.04.96
"The influence of taxation on accounting: international variations"

Terje Lensberg, NHH Bergen, 25.01.96
"Does foreign R&D competition promote domestic R&D"

Espen Moen, SNF, 01.02.96
"Competitive search equilibrium"

Knut Johannes Moen, H-Telemark, 07.06.96
Financial accounting

Knut Anton Mork, BI-Norwegian School of Management and SPN Fonds, 22.02.96
"Financial deregulation and consumer behavior: the norwegian experience"

Jonathan Naimon, IRRC, 22.05.96
"Which corporate environmental management programs add value"

Robert Nau, Duke, 14.02.96
"Valuing risky projects: option pricing theory and decision analysis"

Jeffrey Nilsen, CERGE-EI, 26.03.96
"Trade credit and the bank lending channel of monetary policy transmission"

Oyvind Norli, BI-Norwegian School of Management, 14.12.95
Corporate finance

Steven Ongena, BI-Norwegian School of Management, 30.11.95
"Bank default and real activity"
Jeffrey Pontiff, U of Washington, 12.10.95
"Derivatives and mutual funds"

Hanno Roberts, Carlos III U, 31.05.96
"Mutiple stage fixed cost accounting"

Ehun I. Ronn, U of Texas, 21.05.96
"The valuation of default risk in corporate bonds and interest rate swaps"

Kristian Rydquist, U of Indiana, 01.03.96
Corporate finance

Jesus Saa-Requejo, U of Chicago, 29.02.96
"Beyond arbitrage:  Good-deal pricing of derivatives in incomplete markets"

Knut Sagmo, BI-Norwegian School of Management, 14.12.95
Corporate finance

Henri Servaes, U of North Carolina and London Business School, 02.05.96
"Analyst following of IPOs"

Tomas Sjøstrom, Harvard, 04.01.96
"Delegation vs. complex contracts when agents collude"

John Skår, Bodø Graduate School of Business, 08.02.96
"On the limits of management control"

David Smith, BI-Norwegian School of Management, 07.09.95
"Conditional performance and insider trading"

Sanjay Srivastava, U of Pennsylvania, 09.05.96
"Strategic bidding and option pricing"

Tom Stamland, U of New South Wales, 07.12.95
"Sparse signalling"

Bjørn Stordange, BI-Norwegian School of Management, 24.04.95
"Straffelovens §27 (forbrytelser I gjeldforhold): et slag i luften?"

Gary Sundem, U of Washington, 10.05.96
"The value of information and audits"

Walter Torous, London Business School, 11.04.96
"The cyclical behavior of interest rates"

Yanni Tournas, MEDS - Northwestern, 20.02.96
"Tapered integration and informational efficiency"

Raman Uppal, U of British Columbia and K.U.Leuven, 28.09.95
"A test of uncovered interest rate parity in segmented international commodity markets"

Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden, U of Lausanne, 06.03.96
"Dynamic ownership structure"

Sidney Weil, U of Lincoln, 25.04.96
Financial accounting

Bjarne Ytterhus, BI-Norwegian School of Management, 14.03.96
"SMEs and environmental management"

Marc Zenner, U of North Carolina, 05.10.95
"The effect of board composition and incentives on the tender offer process"