Department of Financial Economics: Seminar Schedule Fall 2001
Day Date Hour Speaker Affiliation Title
Thu Sep 6 10:00 David Frankel U. Tel Aviv Adaptive Expectations and Stock Market Crashes
Mon Sep 10 09:00 One-Day Conference BI Corporate Governance in Practice
Wed Sep 19 10:00 Carlo Favero IGIER, Bocconi Recursive "Thick" Modeling of Excess Returns and Portfolio Allocation
Wed Sep 26 10:00 Andrea Buraschi LBS How Large is the Inflation Risk Premium? A Monetary Model of the Term Structure
Wed Oct 3 10:00 Kristian Rydqvist  BI Bidder Behavior in Uniform-Price Auctions with Endogenous Supply: Evidence from Finnish Treasury Auctions.
Wed Oct 10 No seminar      
Tue Oct 16 10:00 Martin Hellwig U. Mannheim The Role of Boundary Solutions in Principal-Agent Problems with Effort Costs Depending on Mean Returns
Wed CANCELLED 10:00 Philip Strahan Carroll School of  Mgmt., Boston College Connections and Conflicts: The Role of Board Linkages in Bank Lending
Wed Oct 31 10:00 ōyvind BÝhren  BI Corporate Governance and Economic Performance: A Closer Look
Wed Nov 7 12:30 Hans Hvide NHH Free-Entry Equilibrium in a Market for Certifiers
Wed Nov 14 10:00 Christian Laux U. Mannheim Incentives in Internal Capital Markets: Capital Constraints, Competition, and Investment Opportunities
Wed  Nov 21 10:00 Anna Scherbina Kellogg School of Mgmt., Northwestern University Why the Stock Market May Underwight Bad News? An Empirical Analysis
Wed Nov 28 No seminar  


Wed  Dec 5 10:00 David Goldreich LBS The Price of Future Liquidity: Time-Varying Liquidity in the US Treasury Market
Fri  Dec 7 10:00 ōyvind Norli Rotman School of Mgmt., U. of  Toronto Pervasive Liquidity Risk
Wed Dec 12 10:00

Colin Mayer

Said Business School, U. Oxford

Sources of Funds and Investment Strategies of Venture Capital Funds: Evidence from Germany, Israel, Japan and the UK.